exclusive beats

Exclusive Beats made for You

Exclusive Beats – Why a custom Exclusive Beat

Looking for exclusive beats entirely made for you?

Or that maybe sounded like a beat you heard? Maybe you don’t want it to be the same, you don’t want to steal it, but you want to say “this is my beat“, I can finally rap on something I really wanted.

Beatzunami offers custom made exclusive beats: just tell us what Artist we have to carefully listen, what Producer, what song, and we will get inspired and create a custom beat – Full Exclusive License – ┬ájust for you.

Add as many infos as you can and want in the form: tell us your favorite BPM range, what subgenre: is it a heavy 808 Dirty South, or maybe an old school, boom bap gritty type of Beat that you want ?

Complete the information adding a link to a YouTube Song or Beat that should inspire our work and move the slider from 0 to 100 to let us understand how similar you want your beat to the original.

Maybe you want something very similar to it (100%) or maybe you just want the song to give us the mood and feel of your Beat (20-40%).

Please Note: we will never COPY any Instrumental. The directions you give us are only directions, and we will NOT steal any melodies or anything else.

Custom Exclusive Beats – How to pay

Buying a custom beat from us is very easy: just give us the directions we need in order to make you the instrumental and click on SUBMIT.

After that, you will be redirected for the PayPal payment of the first 25 % of the totale ($50 out of $200). We will instantly receive the form and start working on your exclusive rap beat in less than 48 hours.

Once we get our job done, we will send you a preview of your instrumental and you can listen to it and tell us if it need any tweaks.

Once both parts are 100 % satisfied of the job, you can pay the second part of the total and we will send you the 24 Bit Wav files you need in order to record your Exclusive track.

You will be able to sell unlimited tracks recorded over our exclusive beat and you will receive our Exclusive License Contract that will guarantee you full benefits for puchasing this license.

No more Lease Beats that everyone else downloaded.

No more Youtube stolen instrumentals with no rights, no future.

Become an artist today with custom exclusive beats.

Why choose Beatzunami?

I’ve been mixing and mastering trap and hip hop music for almost a decade: this is not only my number one passion, it is also my full time job.

I always try to satisfy my customers, because I’m an artist myself and know the frustrations that artists have on a daily basis. We need to support and each other and be there for one an other.

This is why you should give yourself the opportunity to work with a professional, making sure your song will be a guaranteed hit: no more playing around.

Let’s step it up, together.