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R&B Beats – Piano Instrumental

R&B Beats – A soft piano hip hop instrumental

A deep grand piano is always a great choice for r&b beats. The sound is full and rich, but at the same time it leaves a lot of space and headroom for vocals, so rappers, singers or rap-singers can easily do their thing. In this hip hop beat we decided to use some ethnic bongos, low 808 kickdrum and a huge wall of claps on top of a snapping snare. The rest is the main melody, entirely played on keyboards, and a live bass line. The chorus finally explodes with two delayed and echoed riff guitars, panned left and right, and one middle power riff guitar. Some strings in the background help the melody to stand out more.

R&B Beats – The Beat Video HD

[youtube video_id=”2O_yGTyfUkw” width=”320″ height=”180″ ]

Here’s the preview of the instrumental: you can follow our production and see with your eyes what we did for it.
Unfortunately, this r’n’b beat was sold as an Exclusive Beat and is therefore no longer avaible for purchase. But, as usual, you can contact us for a custom made like this one; we do enjoy making r&b beats so feel free to ask.

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