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Soundclick instrumentals – Why a second beats player ?

Being full time beatmakers and sound engineers for many years now means loving your job but also having to take care of not so fun aspects of music, such as using a player for promoting and selling your rap instrumentals. We pretty much tried every single flash player out there, and we finally decided to use MyFlashStore mainly for it’s capability of being great with instant deliveries and for tracking beats sales at best. We dove have a VIP Account on Soundclick though, so for those of you used to listening to soundclick instrumentals, here you can also do that. Also, SC has very strict policy about rights, therefore on this player you will only hear one hundred percent composed music – no sample used. This might even be helpful for those of you who don’t like sampled rap instrumentals: on this page you can be sure that the productions are sample-free-

How to buy rap instrumentals from the SoundClick’s Player

One of the worst part of SoundClick is that it won’t let you buy beats from it. In fact, soundclick was born as a platform for artists and musicians: it wasn’t developed for beatmakers and for beats selling purposes. Therefore, you can listen to our royalty free and samples free rap instrumentals on this page, but you can only buy beats on our homepage by clicking here, or obviously by contacting us if you are looking for custom made exclusive beats. Further more, we do want to point out that all these soundclick instrumentals are also available on our MyFlashStore player, but not all our rap instrumentals are available on this page.